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Welcome to Arm's Length Education!

Our business is providing you with your continuing education related needs.  Whether seeking your initial professional courses for licensure or continuing education for renewals, we can provide you with the most pleasant learning experience.




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Sometimes the Continuing Education 'course number' is not explicitly shown, CE course numbers are available upon request. Please provide us with your email address or fax number.

•This is to provide notice to students who may enroll in our education program that a criminal history may make him or her ineligible for the license they seek and they may request a criminal history evaluation prior to enrolling in courses or applying for a real estate, inspector or appraiser license in Texas. The criminal history eligibility guidelines are set out in Texas Occupations Code 53.025 and TREC Rule 541.1.


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(1) Arm's Length Education is partnering with Van Education Center (VanEd) to offer Real Estate and Appraisal Education courses. The VanEd online school delivers the highest quality online educational experiences. For online Real Estate Education click on these appropriate blue links below for Texas.











(2) Arm's Length Education is partnering with Mbition to offer online real estate courses.

For online Professional Education nation-wide click these blue links (Check for your state):

Mbition for Appraisers

Qualifying (New-Licensure)

Exam Prep
ACE (Appraiser Continuing Education)

Mbition for Inspectors

Continuing Education


Mbition Real Estate Education

Core (New-License)

SAE Courses


Special Online Exam Prep



(3) Arm's Length Education is partnering with The CE Shop to offer Real Estate Education courses across the nation.

For online Real Estate Education click on the promo-banner below (Check your state):


The CE Shop Online Real Estate Education Packages


Online CE Promotion


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Arm's Length Education

We seek out the best for your educational needs.


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Arm's Length Education
We seek out the best for your educational needs.

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