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7-Hr USPAP Registration Form

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"Acquire the Knowledge"

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Arm's Length Education
P. O. Box 35716
Houston, TX 77235-5716

Arm’s Length Education

2014 - 2015 7-Hour National USPAP Update

Course Registration Form

(Texas) TALCB Approved and TREC Provider No. 0650 ~ (7 Hours) MCE Course

USPAP Date: Saturday, ___________   ____, 2014 ~ Cost: 2-Week Early Bird $155.00, Late Bird $165



Please print clearly!      First                                         Middle                                                                   Last

Address ________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip___________________________________________________________________


Phone No. (           )________________________   Fax No. (           )________________________


Email address ___________________________________________________________________


Appraiser License No. _____________________ Real Estate License No. ____________________

The undersign is 100% responsible for the appropriate course to take to comply with your Department of Licensing/Certification/Regulations (regulatory agencies) requirements. Please read both sides/pages of this registration form.


I am the licensee named on this Course Registration Form and affirm that all information is true.

Signature __________________________________________   Date _______________________

          [Valid picture identification required during class enrollment]


Students will not be certified for full credit unless the student attends all sessions of the course.  Students may evaluate the course and instructor by submitting an evaluation form to the school electronically or by mail (a form is provided in the coursework), preferably, at the end of the course.


--Attendance Requirements:

To receive course completion hours, students are required to be in the classroom for the duration of scheduled time.  Students are accounted for daily in the a.m. and p.m. session of a course.  A registration form is used to comply with this policy and retained by the school as required by regulatory authority. 


To complete the course, receive Completion Certificate, and receive credit, you must successfully complete the following requirements:


• Comply with the attendance guidelines,

• Be engaged in the classroom courses,

• Successfully complete the quizzes and tests.


Additionally, certificate of completion will not be given until all course fees are paid and checks cleared (2-weeks).  If payment was not received before registration cut-off, your completion certificate will be emailed or faxed, your call.  Additionally, certificate of completion will not be given until all course fees are paid and checks cleared (2-weeks).  If payment was not received before registration cut-off, your completion certificate will be emailed or faxed, your call.



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5



















All class registrations must be faxed to 281-438-7335 for processing.  For multiple student registrations, send explanation in fax cover page and follow with respective student registrations.  All registrations will receive a confirmation in approximately 24-hours (or less), else call 713-882-8262.


                                        Early Bird       or         Late Bird            Payment

Student                               $155                           $165              $______


Buddies (list names) _________________________________________________________________



“Buddies” credit (refund) issued after buddy’s same day course attendance.  Acknowledgement letter sent to you upon successful enrollment and an additional “paper trail” sent via email.



“I’m mailing a check for $ ________ with this registration at least one week before class date.”  Walk-ins are possible with call notice (may not have books or a seat for you (35 maximum seating), so please call first), cash or certified funds for payment or completion certificate will be delayed.


Payment Information


USPAP Date: Saturday, ______________   _____, 2014    Cost: 2-Week Early Bird $155.00, Late Bird $165


Payment with (please circle):  (American Express)       (Discover)       (MasterCard)       (PayPal)       (Visa)


If check, Check No. ____________ Complete by providing address and contact information below.


Credit Card No.  ____________________________  Expiration Date: ____________  Card Code ________


Exact name and mailing address must agree—


Name on card: __________________________________________________


Address ___________________________________  City/State/Zip ____________________________



Contact Phone No. _________________ Fax No. __________________


Email ____________________________________________________________





















Arm’s Length Education

A Snapshot of Policies and Procedures

(If you have any questions concerning course administration (including a complete copy of the Policy and Procedure Manual), you may email, or fax 281-438-7335 or call 713-882-8262, or via USPS (Arm’s Length Education, P. O. Box 35716 , Houston , TX   77235-5716 ).

 --Time Limits:

Course life is 180 days after the course end date, unless the course will reach its expiry in that time frame.  A course is limited to the time it is sanctioned by the regulatory authority.  No hours can be given for postponed coursework where makeup time exceeds course expiry.  Refund or credit towards a subsequent course may apply, exclusive of the cost for books and course materials, which will be outdated after course expiry.

--Certificate of Course Completion:

Students successfully completing a course shall receive an official certificate, which reflects the school's name, course title, course numbers, and the number of classroom hours (or other recognized educational unit) involved in the course.  Other identification may be shown as prescribed by regulatory authority, e.g., license type and number.

Please refer to the course handout for directions and specific instructions regarding the completion of course. 

Students and organizations contracting Arm’s Length Education shall attest to being informed of policies governing the enrollment agreement.

 --Non-Discrimination Policy:

Arm’s Length Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability, covered veteran status, familial or marital status, other criteria protected by law in the establishment of fees, entrance qualifications, advertisements, or student participation in providing proprietary education.

--Indemnification Agreement:

“I     (student or organization)         , shall adhere to the following agreement:  I agree that, should there be any dispute concerning participation in the course curriculum, any aspects of a course including teacher delivery, or retail service relationship with Arm’s Length Education, the sole remedy (for monetary or other damages) is the refund of course payment.  No course completion credit is given when refunds are made.  Acceptance of the course completion credit is the final transaction and ends the school-student, student-school, and retail relationship for the associated education course.  No further relationship exists.  To preclude addressing a grievance, Arm’s Length Education at its sole discretion, can unilaterally process a refund to terminate an existing school-student, student-school, or retail relationship, which shall indemnify Arm’s Length Education in whole or part.”

--Student Cancellation

Student cancellations are permitted if cancelled before 8-days (hotel agreement) from course date, else 50% of course cost minus cost of books and materials.

--Provider Cancellation

Provider cancellation due to a course not achieving minimum enrollment (five students) or unforeseen circumstances, e.g., weather, evacuations, etc., a 100% full refund is available, if cancellation occurs before the course convenes.  If some unforeseen circumstances occur after the course convenes, a refund may be given on a pro rata basis of uncompleted units of a multi-unit curriculum.   Partial completed hours of a unit in a curriculum cannot be given, only a refund is applicable.  Credit toward a subsequent Arm’s Length Education course (any course) or a refund is at the sole discretion of the student.

A refund is allowed for unopened/unused books and course materials returned to Arm’s Length Education.  Costs associated with field trips and the like are refunded 100 percent.

Should a course be cancelled, students are notified by telephone, email, and fax of a cancellation.  Written correspondence shall re-iterate the schools policy for cancellations, credit towards another course, and refunds.


Arm's Length Education * P. O. Box 35716* Houston, TX * USA * 77235-5716



Arm's Length Education * P. O. Box 35716* Houston, TX * USA * 77235-5716